Care and Maintenance

My boards will require periodic treatment with Mineral Oil to prevent  them from drying out.   This could lead to warping and or cracking of the wood.  

Please observe the following guide lines

 First off, NEVER put your cutting board through the dishwasher.  This is wood, and it will absorb moisture which is one of woods greatest enemies.  That doesn't mean you can't wash the board.  In fact, it needs to be kept clean after each use to prevent food contamination. 

Your cutting board is hand crafted from solid hardwoods.  It will outlast you if you take care of it by following these simple procedures.

1.  Wash with soap and water by hand.

2. Don't let it drip dry.  Dry it off right away with a towel. 

3. In time the board will begin to dry out.  It was originally treated by me with 

    mineral oil and bee's wax.  This combination of oil and wax brings out the natural and beautiful colors of the

    wood.  The coating also helps protect the wood from moisture.  This treatment won't last forever.  If you see signs of the board  

    drying out please apply another coat of mineral oil.  I would suggest treating with a liberal coat of mineral oil every month for the first     year.  Just apply the mineral oil, let it absorb for about 5 minutes then wipe it off.  Apply as needed after the first year.  

    Mineral oil is commonly  found and is food safe to use on your board.  If you want to add bee's wax, I melt  about 1 part wax to 4           parts of added mineral oil.  Treat all sides, not just the top side.

4. Do not treat with oils other than mineral oil.  Other oils can change the color of the wood and transfer its taste to foods prepared on       the board.